Posted by: hakimah | October 8, 2008

oncology oncall…

Yesterday evening was my first on call for oncology block..actually,it was not really about oncology, I just followed one of the FY1 to do her oncall..However,this time was a bit different from previous on call that I had, because we only covered the patients in the wards (we covered almost 10 wards..huhu)

i met this FY1,named Zara in oncology ward. actually she is in Haematology team, but haematology and oncology patients share the same ward is very sweet, polite but quite determined lady. I spoke to her in the ward yesterday afternoon while waiting for the consultant. I told her that we are supposed to observe FY1 doing their job as a preparation for next year job. then she invited me to join her for oncall..i’m quite lucky,hehe

we stay in the hospital from 5-10pm..actually it was a quiet oncall,not many things happened last night. the things that we did were cannulation,chased blood, reviewed sick patients, persuaded one of the patient that wanted to self-discharge to stay in and prescribed warfarin.the most challenging thing that we did last night was cannulation on one of the old lady in the ward. it was really difficult. we have tried more than 10 times to get her blood, just to test for U&E..we’ve tried almost all the vein on both arms, some vein we’ve tried for few times. one trial on radial artery. all failed. at last, we got the blood, taken from brachial artery. I’m sure it was painful. we can see from her face, but she kept persuade us to continue. because it must be done, if not by us. then other doctor would come later at night to get the blood. she is really brave and patient, bless her..

Looking at the things that we did were not that exciting, but i enjoyed the time with zara.She told me about her experiences as FY1,since the first day she started working in this hospital was scary!!huhu…i thought that people wont expect that much from you since you just start working, we will learn with time…but she was required to cover the  ward by her own on the very first day she started working as other registrar and sho started working one day later..huhu.. i told her, if me. I would rather run and disappear ..unfortunately, I forgot that we have bleep..hahha..what a thought!

i realized that once we started working, we have responsibility on what we do. of course i wouldn’t run..emm.i think we should leave it until next year, just wait and see..haha

I think the most important thing for now is study and pass the exm..



  1. wah.. first long post!! congrats!

  2. haha..tq2 😀

  3. wow..nice blog..keep on writing kak hakimah.. i am glad to be here..he3 🙂

  4. tq 4 d support imran:)

  5. kimah ke ni?

  6. hi chah..hehe..kiter la ni..
    emm..i’m surprised,how did u know about this blog?
    i just started this blog last week..:D

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