Posted by: hakimah | March 18, 2010

i’m back!!

cant believe i’ve left this blog for more than a year now,huhu..nway,i’m back!! after reading a few pages of motivational book,i realized that i need to do something useful in my life..starting with this blog..hehhe..i will make this blog as a medium to share important events in my daily life with people that i and friends especially my mum and sister,although they not even know about this blog yet..i’ll let them know about this blog once i post more things in it,and hopefully by that time writing blog already part of my habit..

I’ve decided to write this blog again actually as a reflection on my daily life..people said ‘everyday is a learning day’ ,but we wont learn anything until we have a close look at it and make some effort to learn something from it..thats what i’m trying to writing it in a blog,i hope i can see the thing or event clearer,and learn something from it..and of course i appreciate all comment or opinion from everyone..i have quite good anger management,so dont hesitate to give any unpleasant comment..haha

ok..thats all for tonight..
will continue tomorrow..


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