Posted by: hakimah | July 25, 2010


here i am..again after few months disappeared from this blog..i realized that i have so many disappoinment in these few months..started with surgical job..which i could not cope with,anyway its already towards the end..i only have 4 more nights to do..and i’m done with surgery,which is a good thing,as i did not enjoy this at all although i have learnt so many things in this rotation..done with work stuff..
the other this blog!!i havent update this blog for months,huhuu..until today..
then,my motivation book,which I havet finish reading after almost a year started reading it..i should just go to motivation course,save me from reading books.. gym workout,which not really up to my expectation..the only reason I joined the gym is because I love food!!and I rather exercise to keep in shape than control my food intake,huhuu.. this morning,after 1 hour on cross trainer,I only burned 284 calories,thats not even equal to 2 millie cookies that I had before I went to d gym..still could not believe this..there must b sth wrong with the machine..will burn more calories tomorrow


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