Posted by: hakimah | August 15, 2010

obs n gynae rotation

Ive started F2 job with obs n gynae rotation 2 wks ago.At first i was quite excited,I’m F2 now!!feel a bit senior,although i dont think my knowledge up to the standard yet,huhu..well,everyday is a learning day,and this rotation is totally different from medicine and surgery..i’m glad that i have chance to work in this field..nway,i’ve started with night shift!! luckily everything went quite well..everyone alive n nothing chaos happened in the middle of the night..i was really grateful that i was working with understanding registrar and the nights were not that busy..
apparently SHO night need to review all referral from A&E and cover gynae emergency ward..which most of the cases were early pregnancy complication,bleeding, ?ectopic,miscarriage etc..and as expected all patient need speculum examination..the last time i read about obs n gynae was a year ago,when i was revising for final exm,and d last speculum examination was 2 years ago on patient under GA!!luckily the SPR kindly agree to supervise me until i comfortable to do it myself..then i’m back to the ward for 3 days,and next week another set of nights begin..hopefully this coming shift not that busy,so that i can perform terawih prayer during the shift 🙂


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