Posted by: hakimah | August 17, 2010

Day 7 Ramadhan ..with night shift :(

Now i realized that fasting during summer really,really challenging..we fasting from 3.30am in the morning til 8.30pm at night..that means we only allowed to eat for 6 hrs at night,minus 2 hrs teraweeh and sleeping time?? and most of the time when i wake up for sahur,my stomach still full from break fast earlier..huhu..i love my food!! Astaghfirullahalazim..y am i thinking about food at this time..i should focus more on ibadah, and mayb try to lose some weight??positive2..huhu..nway,i’m doing night shift at the moment..which actually make it worse bcoz i’m rushing all d time..complaining again..haihh..nway,it just for 3 days..n i able to sleep thoughout d day..n d most important thing is i have 4 days off later..which i bet w can get this in msia..bersyukur plzz..


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